Steel shake roofing

Shakes have a unique 4-way locking system that allows them to be installed quickly and easily which helps keep labor costs to a minimum. This 4-way system locks out the harshest of weather conditions. Permanent and virtually maintenance-free, a roof will last for years to come without incurring typical upkeep expenses. The next wave in lasting building materials should make Absolute Roofing and Exterior Solutions the first choice for your project.

Enhanced Color Shake Steel Roofing

Enhanced Shakes are the same material and construction but use an additional painting process available in 4 blended, multi-tone colors that have a natural weathered look.

Steel Roofing Design & Quotation Consultations

When it comes to your new elegant metal or steel roof vision there are many things you will need to consider, lets face it, you are looking at a sizable investment. Metal roofing has become more and more popular in recent years as the metal roofing prices have come down, and fiberglass asphalt roofing prices have climbed. Therefore, there are many newer companies finding ways to take advantage of the increased interest in metal roofing, of course all claiming to be the best, and sometimes at a questionable price. That is why it is very important for consumers to fully educate themselves on metal roofing products, types of metal roofing, paint and protective coatings, warranties, the companies providing the metal roofing warranties, and the installation process.

Absolute Exterior Solutions provide comprehensive consultations where we will educate you on all the different types of metal roofing available, the different types of protective coatings, painting processes, colour fading; and installation procedures such as should we or should we not strap the existing roof before installing our new metal roof. Absolute will also take the time to explore the different styles and colours of roofing available, and work with you to design the perfect look that fits your metal or steel roofing vision for your home.