Colours & Finishes

EDCO steel metal roofing uses only North American steel in all of their metal roofing products. North American steel is the highest quality of steel in the world, whereas some countries produce steel with a much higher impurity content, and more recycled and lower grade materials. Which is why Absolute Metal Roofing is committed to using the highest quality of products, using only EDCO steel metal roofing.

The heavy gauge North American steel is then processed with a G-90 galvanizing coating, the highest rated galvanizing coating available. There are five different protective coatings utilized overall, to insure EDCO steel metal roofing products will reflect the lasting quality guaranteed in EDCO’s Lifetime Warranty; the best in the industry! EDCO also provides the same processed and protected steel on all the steel accessories utilized in your roofing installation, for complete protection on the entire steel metal roofing system.

Kynar 500 Paint

EDCO manufacturing has researched and developed the Kynar painting process. Kynar paint is used worldwide in the most expensive and crucial machinery and equipment, required to stand up to excessive corrosion and damage causing environments. Kynar paint will withstand the elements superior to other paints such as acrylics or polyesters. Long term research has been conducted in real life scenarios that boldly differentiates Kynar paint from other paints and coatings used on metal products. Kynar paint will better withstand the ultra violet rays of the sun, hail and other damage causing elements of a roofing environment. EDCO only uses Kynar paint on all of their Arrowline and Generations steel metal roofing products!

Paint Fading Research Examples

EDCO Arrowline and Generations steel metal roofing comes in a variety of colours and styles to fit every homeowners vision for their new roofing design. Play with colour and style options with our virtual paint colour designer and embrace your steel metal roofing dreams today!

Virtual Paint Colour Designer

Steel Roofing Design & Quotation Consultations

When it comes to your new elegant metal or steel roof vision there are many things you will need to consider, lets face it, you are looking at a sizable investment. Metal roofing has become more and more popular in recent years as the metal roofing prices have come down, and fiberglass asphalt roofing prices have climbed. Therefore, there are many newer companies finding ways to take advantage of the increased interest in metal roofing, of course all claiming to be the best, and sometimes at a questionable price. That is why it is very important for consumers to fully educate themselves on metal roofing products, types of metal roofing, paint and protective coatings, warranties, the companies providing the metal roofing warranties, and the installation process.

Absolute Metal Roofing provide comprehensive consultations where we will educate you on all the different types of metal roofing available, the different types of protective coatings, painting processes, colour fading; and installation procedures such as should we or should we not strap the existing roof before installing our new metal roof. Absolute will also take the time to explore the different styles and colours of roofing available, and work with you to design the perfect look that fits your metal or steel roofing vision for your home.