As of January 8, 2015, a rebate for $2500 became available to residential homeowners as an incentive to upgrade and complete renovations to your home that save energy! This program has limited funds available, and once depleted, the program will conclude. This energy renovation rebate program is only available until December 31, 2016, let Absolute Metal Roofing help you take advantage of these savings.

Absolute Metal Roofing wants to work with you to take advantage of this temporary energy saving rebate opportunity. Customers that are interested in a complete siding renovation or steel roof installation project, could receive this energy renovation rebate grant to help do so!

Additionally, if you are looking to replace your house siding, a layer of under siding insulation can be added to earn an energy renovation rebate of $1500.

A further benefit associated with the energy renovation rebate that separates it from past rebates, such as the Eco Energy grant, is an additional rebate from Union Gas for the $500 cost for the energy audit to qualify for the energy renovation rebate program. For more information about this opportunity for savings on your siding installation project or metal roofing renovation, contact Absolute Metal Roofing.

R-9 1 ½ ” Insulation Under Siding

How Do I Qualify? It’s as easy as 1 2 3

  1. Be a Union Gas customer with a semi-detached or fully detached home, heated by natural gas
  2. You must complete an energy audit to test and inspect the energy efficiency of your home
  3. A second follow-up audit must be conducted after the work outlined in the rebate program has been been completed, to inspect the completion of the project

How Much Does The Energy Audit Cost?

The Energy Audit cost is divided between a first and second audit for a total of $500; the first audit is $350 and the second is $150. However, once you have completed at least two eligible renovations, you will be reimbursed the $500 audit cost (only having to pay the HST!).

Absolute Metal Roofing Will Help!

Absolute Metal Roofing wants to help our customers by arranging the audit and taking you through the energy renovation rebate process.

Absolute Metal Roofing will help determine the most beneficial way to maximize the program with your siding renovation project. Additionally, the audit company will process and submit all paperwork necessary, making the process even easier!

The Energy Renovation Rebate Amount Breakdown

  1. Under Siding Insulation – R-3.8 = $1000 or R-9 = $1500
  2. Crawl Space Insulation = $400 to $800
  3. Attic Insulation = $250 to $500
  4. Air Sealing = $100 to $150

See more at Ask your energy auditor for all the qualifying information and criteria