How to choose the best kitchen layout?

Vaughan kitchen design

Vaughan kitchen design is one of the most important things when it comes to furnishing your kitchen. It’s not just about choosing materials and colors, but thinking about what type of kitchen distribution is the most appropriate. The success of this task will depend on the space being comfortable and practical. Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen completely? Do you need to furnish your kitchen and do not know where to start? Whether you are going to design it for the first time, or if you want to change it from top to bottom you will have to think very well about the distribution of the kitchen. Here are some keys that will come in handy.

Vaughan kitchen design is something that goes beyond choosing the furniture model, deciding on one color or another, or putting a certain material. It is about seeing where each element should go, tracing a defined structure and thought with common sense, depending on the available space.

Make a scheme to decide the distribution of the kitchen: The first thing you have to do, before running to buy the kitchen furniture, is to measure the space very well to be clear about how it can be better. To do this, it is best to draw a scheme or sketch in which you indicate where each element is. It is not about making a plan as if you were an architect, but to capture on a paper the real possibilities that your kitchen offers you. Start by measuring the walls, both long and wide, as well as the height they have from the floor to the ceiling. Also, draw the gaps in the doors and windows that the room has, and indicate its measurements. Now mark in the scheme where the gas and water connections, the plugs and light points, the drains, the smoke outlet, the radiators are located. Knowing this data will be totally necessary to know where each kitchen area will be located.

vaughan kitchen designs

Define the work triangle: Once you have drawn the Vaughan kitchen design of what your kitchen will be, you will have to decide the distribution that suits you best. To do it right you have to take into account what is called the “work triangle”. In every kitchen, there are three very important areas: the cooking zone (which must be near the smoke outlet and the gas and electricity connections), the washing and food preparation zone (which must be placed near the drains and the water intake) and, finally, the storage area. Establishing these areas in a triangle (when the square meters allow it) guarantees us a comfortable and functional space, in which one works well. Keep in mind that this is something fundamental since the kitchen is a space that is lived with great intensity daily.