Don’t Forget to Do these 5 Things before Basement Renovation Projects

Recently, you’ve contemplated the need for an extra room in the house, and your basement offers the perfect solution. After all, it’s been sitting there without use, and consequent to your basement finishing Toronto, it can double up as a game or bedroom.

What’s more? A finished basement will also hike up your home’s retail value in the real estate sector so basically, it is a win-win to finish your basement. However, to ensure a complete basement finishing, you need to ensure that your area is fit for remodel.

Thankfully, this blog will illustrate a few beginner steps to help you prepare your basement for remodeling.

So, Sit Tight and Read on:

  1. Tackle Water Issues

Water issues are catastrophic for basement finishing Toronto projects, so start by identifying potential water problems in the cellar. Check for cracks in the foundation, dripping walls, water stains on walls to find out water problems. Also, check appliances like washers or heaters to find visible water lines.

If you find any, try making the repairs on appliances or cementing cracks beforehand to resolve these issues. This will make repairs more cost-effective and make sure your basement is dry and ready to be remodeled.

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  1. Check Permit Necessities

Most basement finishing Toronto projects require a permit, so before you go and hire your contractors, consult a local official and verify if you need a permit. If you do, call a basement inspection officer and run your basement for approval. Once he/she gives a thumbs-up, you can proceed with your project and turn your basement into something grand.

  1. Solve Waterproofing Issues

A pro tip is solving the issue of waterproofing before getting a basement inspector. This adds satisfactory points in your favor if your basement is dry and in good condition.

For waterproofing, you need to install an effective sump pump along with fixing cracks in foundations. This will reduce the chances of your basement developing moss and mold. Thus, a clearer and cleaner foundation will make it easy to complete your basement finishing Toronto.

  1. Do a Radon Test

If you are to go through with a basement remodel project it is advised by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) that you undergo a Radon test for your cellar.

A Radon test helps find out if there are any naturally occurring toxic gases in your basement. In case, there is steps need to be taken to eliminate these, as poisonous gases mean increased health issues.

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  1. Accumulate the Right Materials

Getting the materials right is also vital when it comes to any basement finishing Toronto projects. So, unlike before where homeowners had to handpick materials like moisture-prone drywall and lumber, today one can attain all this simply by investing in interlocking insulation panels.

These come with built-in support dry walls along with channels to house electrical wiring, which makes basement remodeling very easy.

So, with these 5 preparatory steps, you can easily ready your basement for your cellar remolding project. So, get working and turn your underground space into a customized room. To find more information about Basement Renovation Projects Click Here!