Best mattress for those who sleep on their backs and Stomach

Logan & Cove mattress

A Logan & Cove mattress is one of best which is good for your back. These mattresses adapt to your body, but its resilience is almost immediate. Its firmness is medium high, which makes it the best option in terms of protection and comfort in the back area. An intermediate firmness point is essential to choose the best back mattress. The surface must have adequate firmness to adapt to the curvature of your back and support the entire spine. It is a thermo sensitive material that visibly reduces muscle tension and contributes to blood circulation. And it is suitable for those who suffer allergies since they manufacture with hygienic and ant allergic materials

In case you hate to sleep with heat, viscoelastic mattresses should take them into account when choosing a mattress.

How often should the mattress be changed?

It is not necessary that your mattress is in a deplorable or deformed state to replace it. According to experts at rest, even if you have one of the best mattresses on the market, it must be replaced every 8 or 10 years. This ensures a good rest and prevents possible injuries such as back pain after use.

Once understood the importance of having the mattress in the best possible conditions. In this post, we will talk about the best brands of mattresses, basic tips on how to choose a mattress and most importantly, how to find the best mattress for the back.

How to choose a good mattress from Logan and Cove mattresses?Logan & Cove mattresses

  1. Number of people using the mattress

It seems a to some extent clear comment, but asleep alone is not the same as a couple. A lot of couples appreciate each other outside and within the country of the bedroom, but do not appreciate each other well at bedtime.

  1. Habits and ailments of users

Some have significant sleep disorders or suffer from back problems. Among the most frequent sleeping ailments is back pain. This is shaped, frequently by bad postures. Sleeping on a very spongy and comfortable mattress or of whose materials that do not have enough quality or proper firmness, can source of back pain.

  1. Materials present in the different type mattresses

Depending on the components of each mattress, these can be classified into four large groups:

  • Spring mattress

It is one of the most classic mattresses. With time, they have changed according to the implementation of new production techniques.

  • Latex mattresses

It is necessary to add chemical additives so that a solid-state can be adopted for the manufacture of mattresses. Despite the initial boom, Latex mattresses soon began to show an important list of inconveniences.

  • High resilience polyurethane mattresses

The high resilience foam is a flexible polyurethane honeycomb material. It is characterized by an irregular cell structure that offers good flexibility and elasticity.

  • Viscoelastic mattresses

The viscoelastic mattresses are those that have at least 3 centimetres viscoelastic. They have become a real revolution in the market.