Bedroom to Game room: Find out Which Room to Paint in Sequence!

Whether you’ve bought a new home in Canada, or is considering moving into a rented one, home painting is a project you need to carefully consider. After all, a house devoid of color feels mundane to live in. Additionally, the painted room adds life to a home and reflects personal style.

However, if you’re a DIYer then painting a home can be a time-consuming headache. Nevertheless, as per the statements of several Toronto painters, the trick to home painting is to understand which room to remodel first.

So, expert painters have curated a list to help you complete a DIY home paint project the most effective way.

Check it out:

  1. Bed and Bathroom

The bed and bathroom are constantly in use, so painting these at first will help you relax later. Moreover, the bedroom is a reflection of your personal style, and a lot of things need to be considered while painting a bedroom. Toronto painters recommend picking lighter shades for smaller rooms, and brighter shades for bigger rooms. For adding minimalistic designs you can pick shades like crème, off-white, mellow-yellow and soothing shades.

For your bathroom depending on its size, pick the color. If it is smaller go for a single shade like yellow to make you washroom appear magnified.

Toronto painters

  1. The Pantry

It won’t do your stomach good to continue stuffing yourself with outside food because of your home paint project is undergoing. So, once you’re done with the bed and bathroom, shift to panting your kitchen.

Toronto painters normally advise picking colors that are grease and water resistant. This will help protect the paint in the kitchen. Further, grease and water resistant paints are easier to clean and thus, retain the glow in kitchens.

  1. Living Room

The living room is likely to take time, and thus, it is best to be done after the aforementioned rooms are painted.

First, cover your furniture with cloth or protective covering, then depending on the area, and layout, you can pick single shades or mix two contrasting shades. Most Toronto painters recommend going for subtle contrasting shades to help boost aesthetics in a living room. For example, combinations like crimson and crème, orange and baby yellow, brown and crème, navy and crème are good choices for making a room look sophisticated and gorgeous.

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  1. Game/Laundry/Store

Firstly, the game room is generally not used for specific commercial purposes and hence, painting it, in the end, is feasible.

Secondly, the laundry room should not be painted before the major ones, as you don’t want to go around with clothes that smell of paint.

Lastly, the storeroom does not need major focus, as mostly it is used for harboring things that are ‘extra’ in a home. So, here, the need for aesthetics isn’t primary, and you can pick low quality paint for these rooms.

Further, you can also combine leftover paint and mix these to get a unique shade for these rooms.

Well, now that your painting project is streamlined, follow the guidance of these Toronto painters, and color your rooms to perfection. For more information click here!