Absolute Exterior Solutions is your roofing expert in London and Southwestern Ontario for Permanent Interlocking Steel Shake or Slate style roofing. Your roof can cover up to 40% of your home’s exterior, making it nearly half of the first impression people get from your home! Make that impression warm and inviting by working with a talented Absolute Exterior Solutions designer to select a roofing type, color and style that will compliment your greatest investment. We can also share with you the importance of ventilation, flashings and ice shields when installing a new roof. Know that our trained roofing technicians will thoroughly inspect and seek out anything that needs attention prior to installation. Top off your home with a new roof by Absolute Roofing to give it that finished designer look you have always dreamed of, and have the peace of mind that the Absolute Roofing Team will complete your project safely, efficiently and professionally.

Design and Durability

Absolute Exterior Solutions Permanent Roofing uses only top of the steel roofing. It was developed for roofing and sidewall applications utilizing the latest technology to be environmentally safe and extremely long lasting. Unlike traditional roofing products, ArrowLine steel roofing will not warp, split, peel or crack and defies wind in excess of 200 KPH. They easily withstand frigid northern winters as well as the blistering southern sun Coated with a deluxe finish to maximize color retention, ArrowLine steel roofing is available in a range of standard colors which meet EnergyStar’s requirements. Arrowline Shingle material weighs only a fifth of what shingles do so it doesn’t add any stress to the existing structure. Arrowline shingles are installed directly to the existing roof deck WITHOUT ANY Wooden strapping. The unique double embossing pattern adds panel strength strong enough to be walked on. The interlocking design with an industry first, Hurricane clips, make it impenetrable to insect, rodents, driving rain and snow.

Excellent Performance

Metal roofing has a unique 4-way locking system engineered for quick and easy installation which helps keep down labor costs while locking out the harshest of weather conditions. Permanent and virtually maintenance-free, an ArrowLine roof will last a lifetime. The next wave in lasting building materials should make ArrowLine steel roofing your first choice for your next project. The extremely long life-cycle, EnergyStar ratings, recycled content and full recycle-ability of our profilesmake roofing your ‘green’ choice.