A major gun safe incident happened in Saskatoon Peavey Mart

All the incident happened to a 12-year old boy in Saskatoon Peavey Mart. On the incident, Peavey Mart has declared that updates will be adopted in the policies related to the store all over Canada. No doubt, there is an urgent need to update the safety policies of the store immediately after such a mishap. In this article, you’ll get to interact with a shocking incident happened.

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Don’t miss to read the story of a 12-year boy

A Monday afternoon was seen with a shocking event. The boy has to experience a major incident on that day in Saskatoon. The boy gets into trouble after getting locked for about 20 minutes in a gun safe.

What was the director’s statement over the issue?

Jest Sidloski (director) came with a statement that the boy curiously got inside the safe. After getting inside the safe, his sibling being childish closed the safe door. This all led to great trouble for the boy which was shocking to hear. Many people were gathered on the site and kept trying different codes to open the door. Due to the insertion of wrong codes over multiple times, the safe got locked after a wide number of failed attempts. The safe dimensions were 27-inch depth, 42-inch width, and 59.5-inch height. In such a troubling situation, the safe play a major role to get the boy out or not. So, a safeguard gun safe should be available for complete protection.

If the gun safe is present in your house, then also any such incident may happen. If such an incident happens, then it will become extremely worse than your kid holds any gun or any other weapon from the safe. For avoiding such a situation, you should invest in a safeguard gun safe.

Another statement was given by the acting assistant fire chief person

Yvonne Raymer (the chief person) said that all the members of the fire department at the Saskatoon were asked to gather for handling the incident. When the whole team gathered over the store, the boy was in a conscious situation. The crew members were able to ensure a conversation with the boy locked inside the safe. After realizing that the child was not in a state to sort some way out, the fire team immediately started their cutting operation over the safe hinges. The fire team starts taking their angle grinder to begin the cutting process. In the meanwhile, the staff members were able to fill-up a correct code in the safe.

The team was successful in removing out the boy safely without any harm or injury!

Raymer added that it was completely a unique call given to the fire department. Though, the staff members were intelligent enough to tackle such a situation without any trouble.

The changes adopted by the store as confirmed by Sidloski

Sidloski came up to reveal that a memo was sent to all the Parvey Mart stores located over the country for updating the store safety policies and measures.

“Any such incident never happened in the past. Even after such a panicking situation, the team stands up seriously to solve the matter,” adds Sidloski.

What are the changes stated in the policy? 

All the changes were favored to cope up with any serious situation. The store is also willing to introduce good security with the safeguard gun safe. Read out the following changes mentioned in the policy updates:

Getting the battery removed from electrical or digitally operated safes so that the keypad is not used.

Instructions for each model along with the guidelines.